Upcoming workshops:

 Dad's Support Group 

     a breather for fathers of kids 0-5 

Taking care of a new child can be an overwhelming jumble of stimuli, with daily new stresses and unforeseen joys.  The Dads Support Group offers a time-out for self-care, reflection, and the support of others with little ones (infants to preschoolers). 

Dads Support Group also offers concrete stress-reduction tools, along with techniques to nurture and navigate relationships with partners and other caregivers.


Dads Support Group meets once a week for 6 weeks, on Wednesday evenings, at the Rockridge Wellness Center (5327 College Avenue).  Cost for 6 groups: $180.

PLEASE NOTE:  Start-date for the next 6-week group has not yet been announced.  Please let me know if you are interested, and I can provide more information regarding dates/times for the next group.


For more information, or to sign up, please contact Dr. Selig at 510-559-0927 or dr@williamselig.com, or fill in below:

Thanks for your interest in the Dads Support Group! I will contact you soon.