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  My Approach  

What do you hope to gain from therapy?  Gaining insight and clarity about what's bothering you is often the initial goal - from insight is born the potential for change.  You may have a specific goal in mind, or symptoms you want to manage.  There may be patterns or past experiences you’ve struggled with for years, but never understood or successfully addressed.  Sometimes, you just need support and a sounding board for developing your own self-awareness.  Sometimes, you don't even know what's wrong - you feel stuck and overwhelmed, or just plain bad.   

When relationships are difficult, an outside perspective can be particularly helpful.  We can work on identifying and changing the patterns that distress you.  Intimacy is challenging, but you needn't be ruled by your fear of abandonment, difficulty trusting, impulse to strike back, or urge to run away.  

Sometimes it feels as though you are in the grip of emotions that you cannot control or even understand.  Or, on the contrary, you feel disconnected, alienated, unable to get close.  You may find that you are self-destructive or that you get in your own way, with feelings, thoughts, or behaviors that have become problematic.  You may struggle with compassion for others, or for yourself.


Psychotherapy should be safe and supportive, an open exploration of emotion and experience.  But that doesn’t mean you can’t know – or figure out along the way – where you hope the process will lead you.  I believe that beneficial therapy has a beginning, a middle, and an end.  If it bears long-lasting fruit, it is the result of continuous re-assessment, re-investment and and re-involvement from both sides, and that includes knowing when you’ve gotten what you came for.  Let's work together to understand your old habits of mind, and together forge a path towards deep and lasting transformation.

I am committed to multicultural awareness and have intentionally worked with a large number of individuals, in a wide variety of treatment settings.  I have been privileged to work with people across a broad spectrum of cultural backgrounds, and I welcome and appreciate all sexual orientations, gender identities and expressions, spiritual inclinations, ethnic identities, and cultural backgrounds to my practice.

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